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The Problem

The issue lies in the fact that porn and sexualized media predominantly cater to the male perspective and traditional expressions of sexuality. Many women struggle to resonate with this content, feeling like their identities and desires aren't being represented in the majority of mainstream porn.


Our Vision

A safe space for women to discover ethically-produced erotica across all content formats, representing diverse sexual orientations, experiences, body types, and backgrounds.


Our Mission Statement

Curate a library of existing erotic works that is presented, reviewed and ranked from the female lens. Our library is comprised of a wide variety of erotic video, audio and literature that share one goal: safe, shame-free sexual exploration, empowerment, affirmation, and enjoyment for women.

Image by Nancy Nguyen

Content Guidelines

In order to create an inclusive and welcoming place for our  community, we're crafted content guidelines that all comments and posts must abide by. Keep it light and tight, folks.


flickher was started in 2024 by a collective of women who were sick of porn depicting women as one-dimensional sexual objects, instead of the complex and autonomous vessels of pleasure that we are. We believe that slapping a pink banner on a porn site made by men isn't enough.

Want to Help?

Have you discovered erotic content that truly speaks to you, but didn't find it through our site? We welcome submissions from all members of the flickher community. Complete the form below with a detailed description, credit and link to the content. We thank you for your service. ;) 

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