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We're building the internet's largest database of ethical erotic content for women. Don't get your panties in a twist... yet. 

“Porn for Women” Is Not A Catch-All

The complexity and depth of a woman’s sexual needs cannot be neatly summarized with a single keyword. So why are we settling? Welcome to a curated resource for women who don’t want to scour the Internet for safe, passionate and empowering erotica told from a female POV.

About Us

Flickher is a safe space for sharing, discovering, and discussing porn and erotically-tinged content that resonates with transgender women, cisgender women, genderqueer individuals, and non-binary individuals. We emphasize inclusivity, diversity, and the importance of portraying marginalized groups as individuals with unique experiences. Our goal is to nurture sexual wellbeing and fulfillment by catering to the diverse needs and desires of women. Period.

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